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Maritime, Malpractice, Product Liability, and Other Causes

Services provided include the analysis of damages, and of certain technical issues in maritime and other accidents, in malpractice cases, in products liability cases, and in various other causes, and in providing expert testimony.

Case engagements have involved the following products, services, and conditions:

  • Chemical cargo contamination analysis in loading/unloading ship hold tanks and/or shore tanks at various world ports, in a maritime case. (Chicago firm)
  • Gasoline station leasing, in a Petroleum Marketing Practices Act case. (Fort Lauderdale firm)
  • Texas Gulf Coast shrimp fishery market, in a maritime accident case. (Houston firm)
  • Chemical product contamination analysis due to mishandling in loading/unloading ship hold tanks and/or shore tanks, in a maritime case. (Houston firm)
  • Petroleum land leasing losses, in a seismic trespass case. (Houston firm)
  • Plastic pipe and fittings, plastic/fiberglass bath fixtures, and related products in a products liability case. (Houston firm)
  • Industrial accident resulting in damages to petrochemical plant processing units and equipment, and loss of feedstocks, intermediates, and final products, in a products liability case. (Houston firm)
  • Economic issues pertaining to the incidence of cerebral palsy, in a medical malpractice case. (Houston firm)
  • Loss of earnings due to sexual harassment, in a legal malpractice case. (Houston firm)
  • Athletic footwear, in a legal malpractice case. (Houston firm)
  • Portable roof mounted pipe hanging, walkways, and related facilities, in a legal malpractice case. (Houston firm)
  • Industrial construction services, in certain federal government projects, in a slander case. (Lake Charles firm)
  • Commercial and industrial construction services, based on a loss of bonding capacity, in a slander case. (Baton Rouge firm)
  • Various biochemical species integral to a patent estate, in a legal malpractice case. (New Orleans firm)
  • Planned urban community development, and golf course and country club operations losses, in an unconstitutional taking case pursuant to the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U. S. Constitution. (Oklahoma City firm)
  • Analysis of a specific fishery, in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, in an unconstitutional taking case. (Toledo firm)
  • Electronic gaming equipment, in an unfair competition case. (New York firm)
  • New housing market, in a negligent misrepresentation case. (Fort Worth firm)
  • Directional drilling mud motors, in a single business enterprise doctrine case. (New Orleans firm)
  • Evaluation of securities of a closely held firm, and of benefits disgorgement, in a fraud and breach of fiduciary duty case. (Austin firm)
  • Formation fracture ceramic proppants, in a tortuous interference with a contract, and a tortuous interference with prospective business relations, case. (Houston firm)
  • Private/special needs school operations, in a deceptive trade practices case. (Houston firm)
  • Commercial lighting fixtures, in a products liability case (Houston area firm)

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