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Insurance Claims Loss, Market Research, Other Matters

Services provided include the analysis of losses pertaining to acts of nature, or accidents, involving insurance claims, or based on other events. Services have also included market research, feasibility studies, and evaluations.

Products, services, and resources markets involved include the following:

  • Taxi cab damages and taxi services business interruption due to prolonged tropical storm in a major metropolitan area. (Philadelphia claims management firm)
  • Loss of value of pulpwood and sawtimber from a Southern pine plantation, due to a fire. (Rock Hill, NY claims management firm)
  • Damages to a commercial building due to impingement of windborne hydrated lime. (Houston casualty firm)
  • Analysis of various economic issues pertaining to a coal mine fire. (Salt Lake City firm)
  • Class action case pertaining to a faulty component of a certain make and model of automobile. (Lafayette and New Orleans firms)
  • Market research on casing, drill pipe, and production tubing (OCTG) used in severely corrosive oil and gas fields in various world markets. (Tokyo; Japanese chemical manufacturing firm)
  • Market research and feasibility analysis pertaining to certain genre of restaurants to be located in a major Mexican city. (Houston party)
  • Market research pertaining to the convenience store industry and market. (Waxahachie, Texas party)
  • Evaluation of a sleep lab business. (Waxahachie, Texas party)

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