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Trade Secrets Misappropriation, Other Intellectual Property Infringement

Services provided in trade secrets misappropriation, trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, and copyright infringement include the analysis and construction of models of economic damages, and the presentation of expert testimony.

Case engagements have been integral to the following products and services:

  • Specialized refining and chemical processing computer software (Houston firm)
  • Wellhead gas-liquid separation equipment (Dallas firm)
  • Oil and gas well packers and related completion string equipment (Dallas firm)
  • Refinery and chemical plant tank-cleaning services (Houston firm)
  • Hospital anesthesia products (New York City firm)
  • Decorative moldings (Houston firm)
  • Large steam turbine and generator repair, maintenance and overhaul services. (Katy, TX firm)
  • Drilling fluids viscometers and related oil and gas field equipment (Houston firm)
  • Electronic toy guns (Houston firm)
  • Custom residential housing construction (Houston firm)
  • Townhouse residential construction (Houston firm)
  • Hair iron products (Houston firm)
  • Piping repair products (Houston firm)
  • Special application fans (Austin firm)
  • Horse breeding operations (Houston firm)
  • Pre-prepared home delivery gourmet meals (New York firm)

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