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Services provided in antitrust cases include the analysis and construction of models of economic damages, the analysis of relevant product and geographic markets, the analysis of data and information integral to causes of action considerations and causal relationships, and the presentation of expert testimony. Causes of action have included per se violations (combinations or agreements to exclude market entrants or to avoid competition) under the Sherman Act, Section 1, (e.g., price fixing), rule-of-reason violations (monopolization, or attempts or conspiracies to monopolize), under the Sherman Act, Section 2, (e.g., predatory pricing), the Robinson-Patman Act (e.g., price discrimination), and others.

Case engagements have been integral to the following products and services:

  • Hydraulic hose bundles used in subsea oil and gas well drilling, production, and workover control. (Houston firm)
  • Chemical herbicides (Houston firm)
  • Commercial building steel construction products (Houston firm)
  • Wholesale gasoline products (Southfield, Michigan firm)
  • Retail grocery products (Houston firm)
  • Consumer electronic products (Louisville firm)
  • Gasoline station leasing (also including actions under the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act.) (Las Vegas firm)
  • Well completion fluids reclamation services (Houston firm)
  • Steel shipping containers. (Houston firm)
  • Gasoline station leasing (Elko, Nevada firm)
  • Microfilm processing services (Houston firm)
  • Confection ice processing equipment (New Orleans firm)

Prepared a critical economic analysis of the en banc 8th Circuit Court rulings in the matter of Paschall, et. al. v. Kansas City Star Co., a forward vertical integration attempt to monopolize case under the Sherman Act, Sec.2, pertaining to the Kansas City newspaper market.

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