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Breach of Contract

Services provided in breach of contract, the tortious interference of a contract, and related causes of action, include the analysis and construction of models of economic damages, statistical/mathematical analysis, the evaluation of closely-held securities, and the presentation of expert testimony.

Case engagements have been integral to the following products, services, and resources:

  • Petrochemicals (Houston firm)
  • Natural gas royalty payments based on the “fair market” value at the wellhead. (Lake Charles firm)
  • Fuel oil blending in various barge tanks and at shore tanks to meet contract specifications. (Chicago firm)
  • Petroleum production and refining specialty treating chemicals market in Argentina. (Houston firm)
  • Formation fracturing pumps and related equipment. (Houston firm)
  • Pipe processing services (OCTG heat treating, upsetting, threading, inspecting, etc.) (Houston firm)
  • Industrial electrical contracting services. (Houston firm)
  • Special pumps and related equipment. (Houston firm)
  • Sheet metal fabricated products. (Houston firm)
  • Downhole pipe (OCTG) cutting tools . (Houston firm)
  • Repair and maintenance of commercial air conditioning system. (Houston firm)
  • Automobile parts aftermarket. (Houston firm)
  • Ice making and packaging machinery. (Wichita Falls firm)
  • Seed soybeans and small seed grains. This case also involved a products liability action. (Clinton, NC firm)
  • Housing and other building rehabilitation. (Katy, TX firm)
  • Mexican-style bakery products. (Houston firm}
  • Vinyl windows. (Rockport, TX firm)
  • Theme park amusements. (Houston firm)
  • Anchor systems for buoyancy control of an onshore pipeline in Thailand (Houston firms)
  • Computers and associated products at the wholesale level. This case also involved unfair settlement practices, breach of good faith and fair dealing, and other actions.(Houston firm)
  • International telephone transmission services. This case also involved breach of fiduciary duty, breach of warranty, and other actions. (Houston firm)
  • Automatic power factor correction devices. (Houston firm)
  • Treated lumber (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands firm)
  • Certain fine art works (New York firm)
  • Special application fans (Austin firm)
  • Valuation of securities of a closely held shipping cargo container firm (Austin firm)
  • Used auto sales (Houston firm)

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