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About Econalysis

Econalysis® Consulting was founded by Dennis M. Giuffré, in Houston, to provide specialized economics consulting services. Giuffré has engaged in consulting over a broad and diverse field of industries and markets, in private practice since 1978, and previously, with the consulting firms, Equitable Environmental Health, Inc., and Allstates Engineering Company.

Giuffré has been retained in numerous and various litigation matters as a consultant and expert witness, speaking to the issue of economic damages and related issues germane to economic science. He has been engaged by plaintiffs and by defendants, and has testified in state and federal courts.

Giuffré has also provided analyses of insurance claim losses, and in subrogation. He has also conducted studies for, and has testified in, administrative hearings.

Furthermore, he has undertaken major assignments in environmental economics and in market research.

He has been a listed consultant and expert with the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now the American Association for Justice), the Defense Research Institute, A. M. Best, and other entities.

His field of specialization in the science of Economics is Industrial Organization and Public Policy, as may also be referred to as applied microeconomics. The focus of analysis is the individual, the household, the business firm, the industry, the market, and the legal and regulatory constraints within which such entities may operate.

Giuffré has undertaken the analysis of economic damages as may have been sustained by business entities in numerous causes of action, including antitrust, patent and other intellectual property infringements, trade secrets misappropriation, breach of contract, slander, fraud, legal malpractice, and various others.

He has also conducted analyses of economic damages as may have been sustained by individuals and families in personal injury, wrongful death, racial and age discrimination, medical malpractice, constructive termination, and other causes of action.

He has also undertaken analyses of economic losses due to wind, fire, and flood, as integral to insurance claims.

Considerable detail pertaining to economics consulting and expert services provided, causes of action experience, products, services, and resources markets experience, and case engagements experience of Dennis M. Giuffré, is contained within this web site.

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